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Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ reviews page is the customer focused part of our site, where customers offer reviews of our Heart Health Program. All emails, letters and photos were submitted voluntarily.

There’s a good reason why so many people decide to share their stories with us. The Canine Heart Health Program is the best natural support you can give your dog. But don’t take my word for it, just read the incredible stories from real people below, and visit this page regularly to read the latest Canine Heart Health program reviews.

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  • Bella

    We spent hours researching different supplements…finding Amanda’s program

    Cannot put into words how grateful we are! Thank you SO much Amanda for helping us through this process and creating this AMAZING program!!

    We would definitely recommend giving this program a try!!

    God Bless!

    -Bella’s Family

    Michaela Kishline
    Lake Stevens, WA

    Bella’s Veterinarian: Dr. Lisa Krauter

  • Cody my 10-year old Pomeranian

    I stumbled upon Five Leaf’s Canine Heart Health website. I truly believe that God led me to your site.

    I knew that we had to try the program.

    I changed his diet to a completely raw food diet.

    The products arrived lightning fast and we started them right away.

    Since then, I tell everyone I know about the program.

    Houston, TX

  • ​Our sweet peanut Dana, a 5 year old white boxer

    I was soooooo fortunate to find this website!!! I ordered everything for her and followed the cooked diet that was suggested ASAP.

    I cannot thank Five Leaf enough!!! I called them several times with questions and they were so kind and patient. If I can say one thing to anybody reading this it would be just follow the program!!

    They have covered all the bases. Just do exactly what they say about products… and I'm pretty sure you will be able to tell a great story someday also!!

    Brighton, MI

    Veterinarian's Name: Veterinary Cardiology Consultants

  • Lebowski (siberian husky) 8 years old.

    We started him on a full canine heart and alternated the liver and kidney cleanses.

    That was 2 YEARS AGO. He still runs through the yard at full speed and loves following us all over the yard.

    I am thoroughly impressed with this product and recommend it to anyone I can.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie Fenwick

    Slaughter. LA

    Veterinarian's Name: Dr Strickland

  • Our 14-year-old poodle, Bella

    We are so grateful to have discovered Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ products! We use the Canine Heart Health package.

    Thank you, Five Leaf

    Brenda Nardoni
    Arcadia, CA

    Bella's Veterinarian: Dawn E. Byrnes, DVM

  • Bernina

    I have had my Cavalier King Charles on your supplements for a year and a half.

    I am so happy and pleased that I found your website. Keep up the good work.

    Sandra Krueger
    Colorado Springs, CO

    Veterinarian's Name: Dr. Tiffany Diab

  • Prince

    Myself and the doctor are immensely pleased.

    I cannot even begin to express how thankful and thrilled I am to be a part of the Five Leaf program!

    I cannot thank Amanda enough!


    Ann-Marie Christopher,
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Veterinarian's Name: Dr. Eva Sikorska

  • KaChoo

    A good friend, who is also a pediatric neurologist suggested 5 Leaf Heart Tonic.

    This along with his home made raw diet and other supplements have worked wonders.

    Thank you for helping us

    Molly Fogal,
    Arlington, TX

    KaChoo’s Veterinarian: Dr. Jan Trebig

  • My Doberman, JP

    I came across a Doberman Facebook group where FLPB products were recommended. And, it felt “Right.”

    What did we do? The entire regimen.

    I cannot recommend Five Leaf Botanical Products (FLPB) highly enough.


    Evergreen CO

    Veterinarian's Name: Nancy Bureau

  • Mimi

    I want to thank this Amazing company for the excellent products you have, it was the greatest thing I have ever had.

    I did research and came across 5 leaf botanicals I'm so glad I did with prayers and this wonderful product, I thank God above.

    I will always cherish this company and definitely recommend this to anyone who has a furbaby...thank you wonderful angels for your excellent products

    God bless and may your company always continue to bless others Thank you

    Judy Gonzalez
    White Lake, NY

  • Penny

    We are grateful for the protocols. Best wishes.

    Karl Buchanan

    Alamogordo NM

    Veterinarian's Name:Hays / Button Brand Vet Clinic

  • Rocky

    I searched the web and found this site, called the number and purchased the heart package. Fast forward 8 months later Rocky is happy..

    I am thrilled and so thankful for these botanicals, I would recommend them to every dog owner.

    Houston, TX

    Veterinarian's Name: Cypress Fairhaven

  • Sunday

    I did some research and found “canine heart health", Put him on the formulas and it will be three years this coming January.

    I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for Amanda. This was the answer to my prayers!!

    Southern California

    Veterinarian's Name: Doctor Jennifer at Pet Vet

  • Tinkerbell

    Dear Amanda,

    Here is my little Tinkerbell. I began again looking thru the internet and found your website. I immediately got out my debit card and ordered the Heart Tonic.

    We are new to this program and have a lot to learn but I look forward to adding more of your products into her daily regimen

    Thank you for such a wonderful, natural product! I will keep you posted!


    Brenda Jo Nanni

  • Newman

    As soon as I saw your product, I ordered the entire program, opted for expedited shipping & had it

    the next day!

    Our family is extremely grateful to you!!

    She is happy and so are we!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you –

    Love, Carol Montie and family

  • Sassy

    Sassy our little half Maltese and half Pomeranian

    The first site I came to was Amanda’s, Five Leaf. What a God Send that was!

    I ordered the products..

    Thank you Amanda for all that you have done!

    With much love,

    Casey + Patty Shawver

    Mabank, Texas

  • Lottie

    Five and a half years ago we were lucky enough to visit the local RSPCA centre and be chosen

    by Lottie, a nine year old Jack Russell / Corgi cross, as her new owners. She quickly became an

    important part of the family and is adored by all who meet her.

    We turned to the Internet and soon found Amanda’s web site, Five Leaf. We read, and re-read, all

    the pages,

    We ordered the appropriate Canine Heart Health Programme and, whilst awaiting their arrival,

    began the water therapy and bought some ginger tablets

    She loves her new food and the way she devours the dog greens is amazing.

    We cannot thank Amanda enough for her help, advice and her products.

    Max & Becky Cope and Lottie

  • Fluffy

    Fluffy – who I’d recently adopted from Oldies but Goodies Cocker Rescue in Northern VA.

    I hit the internet. That’s where I met Amanda

    I can never express how truly grateful I am to Amanda but I’m very happy to tell the world that

    I’ve got two of happiest healthiest “Oldies but Goodies” and a wonderful new friend in Amanda.

    God Bless you Amanda – you have my undying appreciation for your selfless efforts on our


    Lizz Ward


  • Abbey

    My 12 year old Cock-a-Poo, Abbey,

    If you’re anything like me, your “pet” is your best friend, a member of the family, and the light of

    your life. So watching your pet get older is anything but easy.

    I came across the Canine Heart Health site, the same one you are on right now.

    I ordered the entire program.

    Many happy and healthy days to you all!!!! Should you want to email me and ask me anything or

    if you need any support with how to make the program easier to administer, email me at


    Eva & Abbey

  • Sammy

    My 13 year old Yorkie, Sammy,

    My Vet called and suggested that I check out your web site. I immediately ordered the package

    for Sammy’s size, and started Hydro Therapy and followed the recommended diet.

    He even goes to the tub to remind me when he needs his Hydro

    I thank you so much for your wonderful product and program. I especially like that it’s all natural.

    My Husband and I are even taking Hawthorne and Cayenne now!

    Thank you,

    Christine Knott

  • Dislek

    My girl’s name is Dislek (Toothy, in English)

    She took your Herbs and Carnitine & Taurine. Thank you very much for this incredible thing, we

    are extremely happy. Her picture is attached – you’ll see why her name is Toothy:)

    Best, Yaprak Tutun


  • Winnie

    Dear Amanda: Thank you so much.

    We followed the program exactly as it was written in your pamphlet and cooked all the foods for him.

    All we can do is say thank you from the bottom of our hearts

    Barbara, Jodie and Amy Siegel (Winnie too!)

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • Tiger

    Amanda, A picture is worth a thousand words. Tiger came to us in December of 2004 as a rescue.

    He was approximately 18 months old and had been severely abused, shot…The owner was

    witnessed trying to scare him into traffic on a very busy street in front of his house and the good

    Samaritan that stopped was told he couldn’t afford dog food and cigarettes so the dog had to go.

    I started research on the internet. When I found your site we went on the full regime immediately.

    Tiger and I wanted to THANK YOU for all the work that you do, your help on the phone, and let

    you know that we spread the word far and wide on what a great product line you offer! Sincerely,

    Dorothy Moore

    Magnolia, Texas

  • Dancy

    I am so grateful for Amanda. She has a big heart and was so helpful to me and my poodle Dancy

    I discovered It was basically the same program that I have used on myself.

    Again, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Amanda.

    Lisa Mccarter

    Olive Branch, MS

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